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team_unemployed's Journal

Team Unemployed is GO
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A place for the unemployed, underemployed and sympathetics.

Welcome to team_unemployed!

This is your place to rant, rave, weep, bleed, lol, belch, grimace, snicker and bang your head against the glass ceiling.

We welcome all discussion on being unemployed/the job search process.

Read & follow or face rejection! D:

1. Keep it on topic. No advertisements without modly permission.
2. Follow the TOS.
3. If you're gonna name companies, do it behind f-lock.
4. Remember, the annoying poster bitching about their thirteenth rejection in a month? They could be your boss tomorrow. Treat 'em like it.
5. Tag your posts! Tagless posts be rejected. D:
6. Cut images larger than 200px X 200px. That's the size of four LJ icons stacked two by two, so not so big! Posts with large uncut images will be rejected.

In short: stick to the topic, play nice & don't get into trouble.

Need to reach the mod? teamunemployed at gmail.com :D

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